A portion of all proceeds support the Culture of Sustainability Outreach Project.

Home-Life Renewal Design

Understand how the underlying symbolism of your internal and external/natural-built environment influences your self-expression, relationships, and interaction/communication with others. This work brings focus and balance in 7 major areas of your life to experience renewed passion and inner balance in your everyday being!

§   2 hr session (spaces 1200 square feet or less)
§   4 hr session (spaces up to 1500 square feet)

*More in-depth consults and larger spaces may require additional time, $125/hr

Create a living space that supports your ambitions, goals, and desires nourishing you and contributing energy to help  you improve your quality of life (including restorative rest and work efficiency).


  • Analysis of your home’s energy flow (interior and exterior space)
  • Aesthetic sustainable/nature-focused design (objects, imagery, colors/hues/textures, lighting, structure ), beneficial furniture placement; recommendations, and coaching to neutralize imbalances and increase vibrancy, intimacy, and abundance
  • Coaching support to declutter your home
  • An energetic clearing of stagnant energy with blessings for prosperity
  • Anchoring your intentions in the home to support and enhance wholeness and fulfillment

Work-Life Balance Design (2 hr minimum)

Gain insight into your work-life relationship. Explore how your true nature is supported by your current job or career. Learn strategies to balance work and your personal life/relationships. Eliminate stagnant work practices to reduce stress; support your health and wellbeing; and increase your job satisfaction, creativity, and productivity.

*Workshops and seminars are also available to revitalize your workplace environment. Please fill out the contact form for more information and a price quote.

Create a workspace that supports your professional or career goals (promotion, additional training/education, management position) and maximizes your motivation, creativity, organization, and efficiency.


  • Analysis of the energy flow in your office or cubicle
  • Aesthetic sustainable/nature-focused design (objects, imagery, colors/hues/textures, lighting, structure), beneficial furniture placement, recommendations, and coaching to promote inspiration, innovation, and productivity
  • Coaching support to declutter your workspace
  • An energetic clearing of stagnant energy to usher in prosperity, business growth and expansion
  • Activation of power areas to support your intentions and build an altruistic presence in the workplace (i.e., collaborative relationships- mutual commitment, trust, and respect between personnel and management; cohesive teams; and effective communication).

My Personal Sanctuary Design (2 hr minimum)

Pamper your mind-body and spirit with luxurious healing space. Creating your natural sanctuary offers opportunities for stillness, reflection, and inner communion. A sacred haven provides personal rejuvenation and infuses vital energy into your entire home.

The sanctuary design is ideal for:

§   Bathroom spas
§   Creative spaces
§   Yoga meditation studios
§   Study or work areas
§   Indoor and outdoor sacred spaces

Does your personal space inspire you, contribute to your growth and development, and support your mind-body and spiritual wellbeing?

How is your haven (objects, imagery, colors/hues/textures, clutter, lighting, structure) influencing your vision/sense of purpose, vitality, and inner bliss?


  • Analysis of the energy flow in the designated area
  • Aesthetic sustainable/nature-focused design, beneficial desk/furniture placement, recommendations, and coaching to promote healing, restoration, and inspiration
  • Coaching support to declutter
  • An energetic clearing of stagnant energy with blessings imbuing the space with your intentions

Support Services:

360º Visioning: Sustainable Life Design Personal Consults with Coaching (1 hr sessions)

Nurture your flow of renewed vitality! Focused coaching sessions continue the momentum increasing healthy, authentic self-expression with mental/physical rejuvenation and emotional healing. Receive support in cultivating your true nature with purpose, direction, and empowerment to redesign and transform your life.

Monthly package options:
§   1 Session, $120
§   3 Sessions, $360
§   6 Sessions, $540
§   9 Sessions, $720

21-Day Internal Environment (Mind-Body) Cleanse, $360

De-clutter your internal environment! This cleanse helps to eliminate ineffective patterns as well as emotional, mental, and physical blockages freeing your energy to persevere in redesigning your internal and external environment.


  • Initial and followup consult with cleansing check-ins
  • Personal constitution-based protocol
  • Weekly group coaching conference calls (4, 1 hr sessions)

360º Visioning: Sustainable Life Design Group Coaching,$99/month

We can create sustainable lives that conserve, restore, and maximize our energy! Learn how to balance 7 areas of your life (vision/consciousness, emotional/mental, intellectual, physical, creativity, spiritual, and relational) for health and wellbeing, wholeness, and transformation–optimal living. Aligned with your vision to maximize your personal and professional potential, more effectively communicate, improve relationships, balance work-life challenges, and implement lifestyle changes. Strengthen your inner awareness and self-knowledge with experiential depth work, self-practices, and integration in a supportive community.


  • Weekly group coaching conference calls (4, 1 hr sessions per month)
  • Online instructipersonal development resources
  • Discussion forum
  • Access to recorded teleseminars

*$99/month subscription (auto-deduct; cancel at any time). Rolling admission. Attendance is required for at least 50% of the month’s weekly sessions. This series is designed to be interactive and includes Q & A discussion. Recordings are available to listen online.

Eco Retreat Trainings, Visioning Journeys, Sustainable Life & Environmental Design

Create a daily ecoimmersion experience via sustainable, nature-focused lifestyle; home; and office design. Convert your personal internal and external environment into living sanctuary!

Receive guidance and assistance in transforming your living experience regardless if you reside locally or in another state/country. Consultations and coaching sessions are tailored to your schedule and are available in person, by telephone, or Skype with email support. Contact us to receive a free consultation!

§   Onsite Consultations & Design, $150/hr

§   Online Consultations & Design (available with floor plan and pictures of the space), $125/hr

§   Support Services

Sustainable Life & Environmental Design

Create your own Living Sanctuary...