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Evolving as a Thriving Sustainable Culture


To reduce overconsumption and restore depleted natural resources while optimizing health, wellbeing, and the quality of life.

To provide local and global resources that contribute to the healing, building, and restoration of individuals, families, communities, and our environment.

Creating Living Sanctuary:

Sustainable Evolution & Our Quality of Life

We are Nature!  The Earth and all of her inhabitants are one organism.”

The Earth Mother Council established the Nature Studies Conservatory to help facilitate the recovery of our planet and local-global communities. The focus is to establish mutually, restorative relationships between businesses, organizations, communities, and our environment.

Our work includes raising and expanding consciousness for personal and collective development, ecoconscious living, and sustainable evolution in reciprocal relationship with each other and the Earth. We assist in restoring the environment and provide community education, services, and resources to optimize health, wellness, and wellbeing.

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mission & vision

CULTURAL Transformation

Social, Economic, & Environmental Development

Living Sanctuary support services (inner balance coaching, sustainable home/office redesign, and personal eco-retreats) are provided for facilitating  whole life health and wellbeing. Our focus is to improve the quality of life; optimize health; assist in local-global community restoration; and build environmental reciprocal relationship for the Earth’s renewal.

The Nature Studies Conservatory is a dynamically evolving, diverse learning community. Theory, research, and practice are applied to invest in new ways of being via social, economic, and environmental stewardship and design utilizing our local-global community resources: the arts, multimedia, eco-preneurship, science, and technology. 

Culture of Sustainability Outreach

Immersion Training Eco-Retreats & Resources
The COS Outreach provides research-based, visioning immersion trainings with post-retreat resources tailored to effectively support individuals, organizations, and businesses interested co-creating sustainable local/global communities, reducing personal/collective carbon footprints, and contributing to the restoration of the planet.