These immersions are opportunities to experience green sustainable living in a variety of rustic, organic farm, and luxury retreat settings. Enjoy the unique local and culture of the most beautiful and ecologically preserved places around the world with the option of "hand-on" training to implement sustainable changes in your personal life, home, and work environment. Immersions in nature promote mind-body balance and healthy development. Regular engagement with the internal and external aspects of our natural environment facilitates good health, efficient metabolism, vitality, and a sense of fulfillment and wellbeing. From a revitalized and thriving state of being, we can design sustainable lives in which our thoughts, behaviors, social interactions, and relationships conserve, restore, and maximize our personal and collective resources improving our resiliency and quality of life.

The COS Outreach provides research-based, immersion experiences with post-training/-retreat online resources tailored to effectively support individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in unifying to co-create sustainable local/global communities.

The immersion trainings and retreats address restoring our internal and external environment. The internal environment includes purpose; mind-body/emotional-metabolic health and wellbeing; eco-conscious living, healthy eating and lifestyle; reciprocal relationships (social, family, intimate partnerships, Earth/nature); and work-life balance. The external environment consists of our home and workspace; social, cultural, and economic communities; and natural and developed surroundings.

co-creating green, Sustainable Communities

Eco Retreat Trainings, visioning Journeys, Sustainable Life & Environmental Design

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