The Nature Studies Conservatory is a dynamically evolving, diverse learning community.  We provide several nature-based, immersion learning options for personal and professional development. Individual courses offer the unique experience of depthwork, dynamic exchange, and hands-on experientials in "natural classrooms," green-sustainable settings around the world. These blended learning retreats include online course material and study groups. The Sustainable Community Design diploma or certificate provides more extensive training to become effective green stewards and change agents. Students can also cross-register to complete an independent study, practicum, internship, or residency-based studies for your undergraduate/graduate degree program. We use Moodle for our programs, courses, seminars, and trainings.

Our programs are available to U.S. and international residents and are designed for anyone who has a strong interest in that learning that contributes to personal, professional, and community growth and development. No previous experience in applied research or the areas of instruction are required in order to apply

Sustainable evolution: community development & environmental restoration

To cultivate via applied research, education, and social activism the capacity to shape our personal and community experience

To utilize discerning self-knowledge of our oneness with Nature in reframing individual-collective socialization, emotional wounding, and trauma

To assert heart-felt ethical principles that facilitate ecological, social and economic justice

To preserve the Earth’s biosphere and biodiversity and to re-establish the health and wellbeing of our local-global communities 

harmonizing with the natural world...

Eco Retreat Trainings, Visioning Journeys, Sustainable Life & Environmental Design