Eco Retreat Trainings, visioning Journeys, Sustainable Life & Environmental Design

Invigorate all areas of your life with an integrative, internal and external environment-based approach to sustainable living and personal development. Focused depthwork includes 7 fundamental aspects of health and wellbeing: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, relational, creativity, and purpose/life meaning. Collectively work toward a unified vision for healing, health, and wellbeing developing an empowering framework to revitalize your inner relationship as well as relationships with others and the environment.

Actively engage in nature while working collaboratively to: 

  • Reconnect to the simplicity of life
  • Heal past experiences, holistically balance life challenges, and restore the mind-body
  • Access and cultivate internal resources to creatively engineer life for fulfillment, health, and wellbeing
  • Learn simple, user-friendly conservation practices
  • Practice and promote green stewardship
  • Implement sustainable lifestyle changes and practices to reduce personal, work, and community carbon footprints
  • Build partnerships to facilitate sustainable culture in the home, workplace, and community settings​

These unique immersion experience are provided in beautiful, luxurious, green-sustainable settings (US/international locations available). We offer glamping, retreat, and resort options.


  • Roundtrip transportation from the airport
  • 4 day/3 night accommodations
  • 3 healthy vegan/vegetarian meals per day (raw food, juicing, vegan, and vegetarian options available)
  • Nature-based depthwork
  • Organic farming, permaculture, composting, canning, natural/raw food preparation
  • Conservation and renewal: creative recycling, eco-conscious consumption and restoration practice
  • Natural building (cob, clay-straw, and reclaimed wood/building materials)
  • Mind-body rejuvenation options (i.e., spa, massage, meditation, yoga, qi gong)
  • Leisure time to relax and enjoy the property and facilities​

* Extended stay options available; CEUs available for personal development coursework

Contact us for additional information or a customized immersion retreat program and quote to meet your individual or group needs. Post-retreat programs and services include online development options. 

Green, Sustainable Personal Development
Our mission is to reduce over-consumption and restore depleted natural resources while optimizing health, wellbeing, and the quality of life.

Develop a renewed relationship with the Earth and the environment!

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collective visioning: Sustainable Living  & personal development

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