Eco Retreat Trainings, visioning Journeys, Sustainable Life & Environmental Design

Green, Sustainable Community Development

Our focus is to establish mutually, restorative relationships between businesses, organizations, communities, and our environment. 

Unifying our vision to co-create sustainable local-global communities!

 §    Leadership Development
 §    Green Stewardship and Community Revitalization

Collective Visioning: green stewardship and community development

be a catalyst for change...

Reconnect to the Earth, our natural environment with focused depthwork and hand-on training in user-friendly conservation practices to envision a more progressive role in the restoration of the environment and the revitalization of our local-global communities.

The research-based, ecoimmersion and post-retreat resources facilitate green, sustainability-focused personal and professional development. 

Actively engaged in nature while working collaboratively to develop and apply innovative strategies to: 

  • Strengthen interpersonal and leadership skills 
  • Practice and promote green stewardship
  • Implement sustainability practices to reduce personal, organizational, and community carbon footprints
  • Build partnerships to facilitate sustainable culture in the home, workplace, and community settings​

These unique immersion experiences are provided in beautiful, luxurious, green-sustainable settings (US/international locations available). We offer glamping, retreat, and resort options.


  • Roundtrip transportation from the airport
  • 4 day/3 night accommodations
  • 3 healthy farm-to-table meals per day (raw food, juicing, vegan, and vegetarian options available)
  • Green, sustainability-focused depthwork
  • Organic farming, permaculture, composting, canning, natural/raw food preparation
  • Conservation and renewal: creative recycling, eco-conscious consumption and restoration practice
  • Natural building (cob, clay-straw, and reclaimed wood/building materials)
  • Mind-body rejuvenation options (i.e., spa, massage, meditation, yoga, qi gong)
  • Leisure time to relax and enjoy the property and facilities

* CEUs available for professional development coursework

Contact us for additional information or a customized, immersion retreat program and quote to meet your organizational needs. Post-retreat programs and services include onsite and/or online training and development options.