Culture of Sustainability (COS) Outreach

Our focus is to establish mutually, restorative relationships between businesses, organizations, communities, and our environment.

The Nature Studies Conservatory is a dynamically evolving, diverse learning community. Theory, research, and practice are applied to invest in new ways of being via social, economic, and environmental stewardship and design utilizing our local-global community resources: the arts, multimedia, eco-preneurship, science, and technology.

The COS Outreach involves students, instructors, communities, and businesses collaboratively building effective partnerships, learning and working together to create innovative strategies for achieving a shared collective vision—sustainable evolution.

Creating a Collective Vision: Businesses, Organizations, & Communities

"We have the potential to redesign our lives with individual and collective vision to co-create a thriving and renewable, sustainable world."

Our research-based, ecoimmersion trainings with post-training online resources are tailored to effectively support individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in unifying to co-create sustainable local/global communities. 

Several experiential retreat options are provided to help you develop your eco-based vision/mission; clarify strengths and needs; and provide practical planning, strategy, and tools with ongoing assistance for reducing our collective carbon footprint and general over-consumption. Increase your altruistic presence in the community and contribution to the restoration of the planet.

These retreat intensives provide a unique immersion experience with focused depth training in beautiful, rustic or luxurious, green-sustainable settings (US/international locations available).

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Green-Sustainable Community Transition

The COS Outreach offers collaborative partnership in revitalizing  communities. This resource provides sustainable living, health, and wellbeing education with an eco-focused, entrepreneur and urban farming cooperative-incubator program. The program also assist with aesthetic; redesign using natural and repurposed materials; and land restoration.

Whole Life Immersions for Health & Wellbeing

Mind Body Balance, Home/Office Design, & Personal Retreats

Living Sanctuary provides green-inspired consults, coaching, and design services as well as personal restorative retreats. These services provide a supportive network of resources (online/phone and onsite) for effectively balancing emotional-mental or life difficulties, improving health and wellbeing; and for personal, family, and community development-- to increase one's quality of life. Focused development includes 7 fundamental aspects of health and wellbeing: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, relational, creativity, and purpose/life meaning.

Arts-based Youth, Summer Mentoring Program

The mentoring program (ages 14-21) integrates lived experience with expressive/performance art and multimedia to facilitate personal growth, life skill development, resiliency, and a deeper connection with the environment (active engagement in the community and in Nature). The program concludes with a performance and multimedia presentation of their work. Students who complete the mentoring program receive a scholarship to attend the Nature Studies Conservatory. 

Call 844-300-0307 or email us to receive services and to learn how to become involved!

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